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About our school

The Teresa Martín Mixed School, assumed by the Teresian Institution in 2020, has served students from Pre-primary, Primary, Basic and Diversified for more than 80 years. It has an Internship and University Residence, as a formative activity that enables the study of young women, whose families live in the rural area of different departments of the country. Sixty percent of the population served is Maya.



Promote a transformative pedagogy that recognizes the sacred value of each person, stimulates their growth in all their dimensions in interaction with others. Promote a planetary conscience, the recognition of different cultures, the positive assessment of one's own identity and the experience of values such as respect, responsibility, autonomy, solidarity.


Human promotion, inspired by the educational conception of Pedro Poveda whose center is the person, education and social transformation from the values of the gospel.

they inspire us

Pedro Poveda     e     Teresian Institution

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